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Why Clover's Clubhouse?


Although we started rescuing many years ago, Clover is the one who changed it all.
Clover was born May 12, 2022. His mother died during childbirth and within days we lost the other three kittens with Clover being the sole survivor. It was the hardest month but our baby pulled through.
Clover is the most loving kitty and my "ride or die" boy. Unfortunately, in February 2023, Clover started getting gravely sick.
After several vet visits, testing, and biopsies, Clover was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia, Lymphoma, and a couple weeks later a blood disease called feline aortic thromboembolism (FATE). All of those conditions are almost always fatal and with him having all three... well, we want to love and cherish our boy every moment that he has with us.
As heartbreaking as it is, we also wanted a positive way to ensure everyone knows how much HIS life matters, along with other felines in need.
So, we introduce Clover's Clubhouse in his honor!

We lost our Clover in October 2023.  He will forever guide us while we continue to save these babies.

  Clover's Clubhouse is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.


In Loving Memory my Clover

Clover, well his story is all over this website.  He's the cat that saved me.  His love, his fight, he was simply the most amazing soul I've ever met.   His love guided me to starting Clover's Clubhouse.  I have no doubt that I gave him everything I possibly could.  His love even when sick showed me how much my love meant to him.  He's not here with me physically but he's always in my heart guiding me while helping these babies. 

I love you Clover, I hope mama's making you proud! There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss you.  Take care of those mama couldn't save and please know I have given each and every one the same love you showed me.  I love you!


In Loving Memory of Jolene

Jolene's story is one of the most horrendous cases of animal abuse.  At approximately 2 months old and barely 2 lbs she was rescued after being severely beaten by a group of men.  She suffered from a broken jaw and had several teeth knocked out and others damaged.  After vetting it was discovered that her legs had been previously broken and not healed correctly and her little body is riddled with bbs from a bb gun.  She has been treated for respiratory infections and parasites.  Prescription foods to help gain weight.  2 surgeries so far to remove broken teeth and repair her jaw.  A third surgery we hope will fully close the hole in her jaw.  We are not sure at this point what ongoing care she may need.  But one thing is she is a survivor and despite her abuse they did NOT break her loving spirit!
* Sadly, we lost Jolene on June 17th, 2023.  My heart breaks knowing the suffering she endured but I absolutely know that the last few months of her life, she knew nothing but love.

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